lubricating bike chain with wd40

lubricating bike chain with wd40

Lubricating chain

lubricating Bike Chain with WD40

lubricating Bike Chain with WD40.

For best results, clean your chain, rear sprockets, front chain ring and jockey wheels. This process is included in the bike clean service.

Your chain is one of the most important parts of your bike. If you keep it clean and well lubricated it will make your ride more enjoyable, the chain will perform better and wear less.

If you have a new chain, it will be pre lubricated, do not remove the factory lubricant until it’s needed. Clean, lubricate and inspect your chain on a regular basis. You only need to lubricate the chain rivets and pivot points, do not put the lubricant on the outer chain plates. Clean your chain and inspect for any wear and tear, you may need a new chain if it’s worn or if there’s any damage to the links in any way.

Only use a lubricant specified by the manufacturer, do not use engine oil, 3 in 1 oil, WD40 or any other spray, they are intended for loosening parts not lubricating. Depending on your type of riding i.e. where you ride, use the correct lubricant, wet or dry using a bottle with a drip applicator (see photo).

Use a wet lubricant if the conditions are generally wet and muddy, the lubricant is thicker so it will stick to the chain for longer. Use a dry lubricant if the conditions are generally dry and dusty e.g. forest tracks during the summer, riding on gravel surfaces or near the beach. Do not use a wet lubricant in dry conditions as it will attract sand, dust and any other loose objects which will clog up your chain and in a worse case scenario, slip or disengage.

With your chain cleaned, mark the chain at a reference point (use the power link). Apply a small drop of lubricant to each roller, turn the cranks backwards to lubricate the next section, and then continue the process until the chain is fully lubricated. Turn the cranks slowly forward to let the lubricant work its way into all parts of the chain. Avoid over lubricating the chain, Use a rag to wipe off any excess. Get out there and enjoy your ride.




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